— In essence, Nikki captures the personality of each person in her images. Her empathy and genuine interest in people allows her images to convey real feelings, embracing intimate, pure, and honest beauty. Building trust creates a space for emotion and intimacy to manifest. She has an infinite admiration for the diverse cultures around her, alongside the communities of beautiful people and where they live. It’s the fascination for people and their way of living that inspires her. Her work seeks to uncover the deeper meaning and significance that lies within, offering a perspective on authenticity while paying tribute to diversity and global representation. Through her lens, she showcases the beauty and uniqueness of individuals from all walks of life, embracing their stories and experiences. Regardless of their background, they deserve to be acknowledged, respected, and given a voice. It’s a powerful reminder of the beauty and enduring spirit within every human being, highlighting the power to inspire, unite people and effect positive change.